Thu, 30 Nov 2023

Various forms of pollution are already taking a huge toll on human health and the environment. Noise pollution is one such issue that is synonymous with the construction activities. Thus, measures for regulating it were on the cards and the experts have come out with noise meters.  These devices play a crucial role in managing noise in varied conditions. The advent of noise level meters is helping construction-related activities to be more cautious when implementing their operations. Let us explore the different types of noise meters and their functionalities.

Integrating sound level meters

First, we start with integrating sound level meters. These devices are quite versatile and can efficiently measure noise levels continuously. By measuring the noise levels these tools help construction businesses to evaluate the various sources of noise and accordingly they can take steps to regulate it. Their uses are now common in environmental noise assessment. Apart from the construction industries, noise level meters are also being used for monitoring traffic noise, evaluating industrial noise, and also to assess compliance with noise regulations as mentioned by the local regulations. It has been a breakthrough innovation in checking the threats of noise pollution.

Impulse noise level meters

The impulse noise level meters work identically to the devices described above. The only difference is that it is designed to measure noise levels for shorter durations. It is mainly used in environments that at times are subject to high levels of noise. For example, explosions, which are common construction practices, can be efficiently measured with the aforesaid tool. These tools are capable of generating quick responses and have exceptional skills in peak-level measurements. The tool alerts the concerned authorities as soon it determines spikes in noise levels. Impulsive noise level meters are also helpful in monitoring noise generated from heavy vehicles, and machinery, and presently is a commonly used tool in military training institutes.

Real-time noise level meters

As the name suggests, real-time noise level meters are capable of measuring noise level readings in environments where immediate feedback is necessary. Real-time noise level meters are very convenient owing to their compactness and portability. Furthermore, these devices are very user-friendly and can thus be used for various environments where on-the-spot measurements are mandatory. The device is being extensively used for monitoring various construction-related activities, especially noise generated by heavy vehicles. Apart from that, it can also help control noise at music venues.

Environmental noise monitors

Constant efforts are being made to monitor environmental noise holds immense significance at present. The above-mentioned monitors are the best solution. These tools are sophisticated systems that can continuously monitor noise in outdoor environments. These tools have sensors and facilities for recording data which further help to analyze the noise levels. Environmental noise monitors play a major role in assessing the noise levels of wildlife, help in noise mapping and determining a suitable course of action, and can help in regulating construction activities that generate maximum noise.

Octave band analyzers

The octave band analyzers are capable devices that are designated to help measure noise on the basis of frequency. Precisely speaking, these tools can break down the sound into various bands of frequency. In various environments, it has a crucial role, as it helps in determining the distribution of noise frequencies. After analyzing the data, relevant authorities can come up with remedies to regulate the levels of noise.  These tools are commonly used in industries, measuring sound insulation in buildings and engineering applications.

Personal noise dosimeters

The name depicts the usability of the device. These noise level meters are available in wearable variants and are capable of monitoring the noise exposure of an individual. These tools can be of great help to workers who work in environments that are prone to higher decibels. By alerting individuals, these tools can lessen the risk of the detrimental effects of constant exposure to high noise levels. Construction workers in particular can find significant help with these devices.

Experts are continuously working on bettering these noise level monitors. In the coming days, we can expect to witness much more improved noise level meters that have the potential to measure and regulating high noise levels in all the possible scenarios.

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