Thu, 02 Feb 2023

NEMT is a lifeline to the healthcare system. It ensures that patients who can't drive or do not have access to transportation receive medical care and life-saving therapies like dialysis treatments, scheduled office visits, or recovery programs. 

According to a report by the American Hospital Association, "around 3.6 million people in the United States either delay or do not receive healthcare services on time due to lack of personal vehicle or inaccessibility of public transport." And this is where non-emergency medical transportation plays a critical role in bridging the gap between the patients and the medical healthcare services. 

As demand for NEMT services continues to surge, so does the competition. In addition to the competition, businesses must also deal with cancellations, dispatching, vehicle breakdowns, invoices, etc. The service providers need an innovative NEMT software solution with the right features to stay on top of their game. A software solution that comes with advanced features helps to enhance the workflow. So, if you are looking for comprehensive NEMT software, here are a few features that you must consider:

  1. Powerful Automated Dispatch Feature with AI

Due to the unavailability of transport, long distances, inadequate infrastructure, and lengthy times to reach, many people in the United States still need the medical care they require. Therefore, NEMT software must have a practical and simple dispatch feature that allows you to work efficiently without complicating it. 

Assigning the same routes every week consumes more time; hence it should allow you to save the details of your route once you enter it. The dispatch feature can rely on the auto-scheduling feature driven by accurate algorithms of AI. This feature will save a lot of time. Hence, a powerful dispatch feature will help optimize delivery routes quickly. 

  1. Route Optimization

With route optimization, you can enhance your business productivity. The route optimization feature allows you to optimize the scheduled rides more efficiently. For instance, if two passengers from a nearby place go to the same destination, you can club the two journeys together. It will save your driver's time and ensure that nobody has to wait longer for their transport to arrive. 

The route optimization feature considers various factors-for instance, the shortest route, up-to-date traffic information, weather, appointments, and much more. Based on these factors, the NEMT software will find the best route to the destination, so the passengers do not miss their appointment. With the route optimization feature, you can save on fuel costs and drive time. 

  1. Simple UX Interface

Another important NEMT software feature is a user-friendly interface. The interface should present all the crucial features you constantly need for smooth operations. A clean and clutter-free interface is vital for businesses to stay on top of their game.

  1. Fleet Monitoring

Your vehicles are your most significant assets. Thus, it is essential to manage it skillfully. Whether it is the expiration of a driver's license or to ensure its safety and efficiency, proper fleet maintenance is required for a business to operate successfully. It should also allow you to manage multiple fleets or companies on a single platform. A good NEMT software will help you adequately maintain each vehicle, schedule regular inspections, and keep the records up-to-date. 

  1. Real-time GPS Vehicle Monitoring

Real-time GPS vehicle monitoring will keep you up-to-date with your fleet location. It will help you to monitor the vehicle location more accurately and instantly. This feature also ensures the safety of your passengers.

  1. Billing and Claims

For any business, it is essential to manage its billing and payments. Automated billing helps you to manage the company's financial health by tracking all bills, invoices, and receipts. 

  1. Sophisticated Price Modeling

Every ride costs differently due to the distance between the pick-up point and the destination. With a price modeling feature, you can customize the pricing rules according to your convenience. For example, the type of vehicle, time of the day, services, and various other factors can be used to determine the right price for a particular trip.

  1. Report Generation

It is worth investing your money if your NEMT software can generate reports by analyzing the available data. Your software should produce reports so that you can use them to make informed decisions about your business. The report generation feature helps you to make effective strategies for the future growth of your business. 

  1. Ease of Booking

A person rushing to make it to the doctor would never like to struggle with an app that is too complicated to use. Hence, software that works smoothly without appearing complex is a handy feature. Your passengers will book rides hassle-free, and you will face fewer cancellations.

About 1 in 5 Americans are covered by Medicaid or Medicare- a federal-state program that makes healthcare facilities available to low-income people. Hence, it offers a lot of growth for NEMT service providers. So, invest in good software that provides ease of operations and helps you to scale your business. To learn more about NEMT software, visit




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