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Snapchat provides a variety of social media content for users to enjoy but does not always provide in-app explanations of how everything works. The emojis that sometimes appear next to the usernames of their friends in the chat tab is a feature that leaves many users baffled. Each emoji has a unique meaning that varies based on how you've interacted with each app user.

Theoretically, it's a fairly simple feature. Due to the fact that there are ten different emojis that can appear in the chat tab, it can be a bit confusing for novices. Utilize the following guide to learn everything you need to know about Snapchat's Friend Emojis and their meanings.

What does the red heart mean on Snapchat?

The Snapchat "red heart" meaning is the first topic I want to discuss. The red heart on Snapchat is used to express intense love and passion between two friends, as you might have guessed. The red heart emoji will appear next to both of your names, signifying that you are "best friends," according to Snapchat rules, if you consistently send snaps to a friend for more than two weeks.

As previously mentioned, there are ten distinct Friend Emojis that can appear following to a user's name in the chat tab. Emojis can be customized (see below), but for the purpose of this list, we will only be discussing the standard emojis.

Red heart: The red heart emoji suggests that someone is your best friend. Your BFF is someone who has been your top Snapchat friend for at least two weeks while you have been their top friend. The red heart will change into the pink one described above if you and your BFF remain close for two months.

Face With Sunglasses: This emoji suggests mutual friendship. It indicates that you and your friend share a best friend, as you both send numerous snaps to the same individual.

Smirking Face: This emoji indicates that you are one of their closest friends, but they are not yours. Simply put, they send you numerous photos, but you do not send them any.

Two pink hearts: The emoji "two pink hearts" denotes a "Super BFF." This designation is reserved for someone who has been your top Snapchat friend for at least two consecutive months.

Smiling Face: The Red Heart on Snapchat Must Mean Something, Right? The smiling face also contributes. This emoji represents a close friend. You regularly send each other Snapchats, but you are not each other's best friend.

Gold heart: The gold heart emoji denotes a "Best Friend." Your Bestie is someone who is both your best Snapchat friend and your best friend. The gold heart will change into the red heart described above after you've been Besties for two weeks in a row.

Fire: A snapstreak is represented by the Fire emoji. A number appears next to the fire emoji next to the names of your friends if you look closely. It indicates the number of consecutive days on which you and your partner have regularly exchanged photos.

Hourglass: The hourglass emoji denotes that your Snapstreak is about to expire. The hourglass will show up next to the fire emoji of a user with whom you have started a streak but are on the verge of breaking it. Sending someone a Snap will cause the hourglass to disappear and keep the streak going.

Birthday Cake: This friend celebrates his birthday today. Only displays if the Birthday Party feature is enabled in the friend's settings.

Pin: The pin emoji represents a conversation that has been pinned. Pinned conversations remain at the top of the chat tab regardless of whether or not they are the most recent. A single friend or a group chat can be pinned.


Do you understand what a red heart on Snapchat means? Do you want to know how to obtain the red heart on Snapchat? If so, you should be aware that this emoji will only appear next to "best friends" on Snapchat who send more snaps per day to each other for more than two weeks. Read the preceding text in its entirety to learn more about the Snapchat red heart's meaning, as well as all the tips and tricks for obtaining it and keeping it from being lost.

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