Mon, 27 Jun 2022

Panic! In the marketing world. Yes, this is a situation when all the SEO experts go in a frenzy over one simple thing that probably goes unnoticed by the businesses. Wondering which situation are we talking about? Well, we are talking about a situation where your beloved search engine Google drops a new Google algorithm update.

What happens when a new update drops? Does it affect your website traffic and engagement? Will it affect your spot in the search rankings? Will you lose your search ranking? And when this new update is launched, should you be changing so as to keep up with the new wants of Google? And one of the most important question of all, why does Google launch so many algorithm updates?

We'll be talking about all these important queries in our blog which mentions and specifies all the Google algorithm related details in a marketing friendly way.

The new Google algorithm updates especially affect the websites with a weak SEO foundation. Other websites that have a strong base and an engaging strategy are safer and can get the work done faster, and that too complying to the updates as and when needed. Without that, the businesses become the weakling in the face of these new updates, like the lamb, where the wolves are ready to attack.

What is Google's Frequency of Changing its Algorithm?

According to the experts, Google changes its algorithms about 500 to 600 times a year. Which equates it to almost twice a day! Of course, adhering to all these updates is a mammoth of a task and it is impossible to keep up with each of the changes and updates, and the fun part is most of the times, you don't really need to. Not all changes and updates will affect your rankings and the website traffic so drastically.

But then at times Google manages to drop big bombs by releasing a really big update, one that comes around and really shakes up all your rankings and engagement, and those are the ones you should know about and look out for also probably the one about which you should worry a little. When Google updates its existing algorithm with a bigger one, it can severely affect your company's keyword searches and rankings. So, when you sit down to curate a SEO strategy for your company, you need to come up with a refined plan that allows Google to fill the gaps with its updates.

What is the Reason for Google's Continuous Algorithm Updates?

One of the many reasons why Google keeps updating its algorithm so frequently can be accounted to the fact that Google wants to provide its users with the best and the most targeted experience. To provide this kind of an experience requires Google to keep a constant look out on how people behave on the internet, on the websites and what they are looking for and how they find it before landing on it. Hence, with the volumes of such data, Google is always trying to improve its performance.

Google's always prioritises user experience. Its emphasis on making the user experience better is strong and consistent. Hence Google makes sure that the whole process is always continuous. It is the reason why Google keeps bombarding its audience with brand new algorithm updates almost every month. When you have a marketing team that is already stretched thin, and to its last drop, keeping on top of these updates may seem a mighty task.

This is probably the right junction to employ a digital marketing team, that knows the ins and outs of Google. Experts in this field can ensure that your company is reaching high in the search engine rankings and that the engagement of your website is not disturbed.

Google's search engine has is a constantly evolving engine, and it becomes smarter every day, depending on what part of the content is valuable and informative and what isn't. Content plays a very vital role in the whole game. So, it becomes of utmost necessity for your company to deploy the best content and rank the highest on the Google search engine.

How do you do that?

Everything comes easy when you partner with Reckonsoft! A company that has a team of experts to cater to your every need.

Reckonsoft's has a proven strategy with which they will rank you keyword in top. Here is how they do it-

Sponsored post

Many think that sponsored post is simple you just need to post an article in website and wait for ranking. But Reckonsoft limited mastered in sponsored post in such a way that even though your website is new and you think its impossible task to outrank your competitors, because at the end of the day, it is all about the first page of Google! But this is not entirely impossible as Reckonsoft will make sure to rank top in google within a week of time.

How they do it?

They will check your keyword first then they will start picking websites which are perfect for your keyword to post sponsored content instead of picking a random site and waiting for it to rank. When you pick the correct websites and post, it will rank as soon as it gets cached by google. Reckonsoft has a good expert team which always hunts for the correct websites and keeps them ready for their clients. That's how they are the best digital marketing Agency in the SEO market. They are media partners with many brands such as,, Thehindu,,,,,,, and many more.

If you approach any of the above sites they will charge more for example: Let's take Firstpost and thehindu the price for sponsored post is 2 Lakhs for a post on Forstpost and thehindu is 2.5 Lakhs. You can get the same posts from Reckonsoft for 1 Lakh and 60 K on Firstpost and thehindu as Reckonsoft invested 2 million on booking slots on all the High authority sites and providing them at very reasonable price. That's how Reckonsoft Limited is building good relation with their clients.

Project Submission-

The success of the company and that of the team lies in seeing the project to its end, and achieving the best results. At Reckonsoft, the goal is simple, to make you feel confident with every purchase that you make with the company. They provide you with case studies of their previous projects once you feel oky and feel confident then only they will start working on your website.

A digital marketing agency that you can trust! Keeping up with the changing digital environment, and Google's new algorithm updates every month, Reckonsoft helps your company grow with SEO, Content Marketing and Branding.

Reckonsoft's approach to SEO and link building is unique, innovative and result oriented. They help your business in driving web traffic, connecting with customers and growing your overall sales.

Do the impossible, crack Google's algorithm updates and grow your business. Connect with Reckonsoft today! Approach them for case studies at

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