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Does Silver Require More Maintenance than Gold?

21 Apr 2022, 21:02 GMT+10

Gold and silver are both precious metals used in jewelry. While some prefer yellow gold, others like white metals over colored ones. And people looking for white metals have numerous options like platinum, silver, and even white gold.

Although platinum is also a good material choice for jewelry, white gold and silver are popular. Regardless, both gold and silver are quite different from each other.

One important factor that sets the two apart is their maintenance and care requirements. This becomes a huge determining factor for buyers when purchasing jewelry.

Gold vs. Silver- Which is Better in Terms of Maintenance and Care?

One common question that buyers tend to ask their jewelers while selecting jewelry is if silver requires more maintenance than gold. Simply put, the answer is a yes.

Like other metals like copper, silver uses alloys such as brass and bronze. Often, it is these alloying metals that cause silver to tarnish easily. Both brass and bronze can tarnish due to exposure to air and moisture. As a result, silver jewelry develops a dark patina.

Although many people enjoy the patina's appearance on silver jewelry, others enjoy a more lustrous and shiny look. So if you're someone who is not much about character and depth from a patina, you may want to buy gold over the silver. Gold does not need as much maintenance as its silver counterpart.

On the other hand, caring for and maintaining silver jewelry like silver crosses or rings can be more demanding. But, there are numerous ways to remove tarnish from your silver jewelry easily.

For example, you can use a commercial jewelry cleaner to restore the original shine of silver. To prevent silver from losing its shiny appearance, keep it away from chemicals and wipe it regularly to prevent grime and dirt from building up.

While gold does not typically oxidize or tarnish, the rhodium plating on a white gold jewelry item can wear off. In such a case, you will need to get it re-plated by a professional.

Some Other Factors to Consider

Usually, the maintenance requirement matters the most to buyers choosing between silver and gold. However, there are also a few other things that you should keep in mind when selecting a jewelry metal.


Silver jewelry can last you for a lifetime as it does not scratch or damage easily after being mixed with another metal. Not to mention, restoring it from tarnish is also not a difficult task.

On the other hand, the strength and durability of gold largely depend on the jewelry item's carat—generally, the lower the carat weight, the more durable it is.


The pricing of metal usually depends on its quality. Typically, pure gold costs a lot more per gram than silver. Silver is usually priced at a 1/3rd ratio to gold.

Should You Choose Silver or Gold?

Choosing a metal for your jewelry can be confusing. But, knowing how willing you are to take care of your new jewelry item can make a huge difference. Silver generally requires more maintenance than gold as it can tarnish on exposure to air and moisture. Some other factors you must include are the durability and cost of the metals.

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