Fri, 08 Jul 2022

Men's fashion trends for summer 2022 range from no-frills office wear to brightly colored suits, cut-outs, long cardigans, and even more feminine skirt-like pieces. But just because something looks great on a runway doesn't mean it'll look that good on you in real life. You may not want to wear some of the extreme men's looks this summer - for example, head-to-toe leather may not be comfortable in many summer climates.

That doesn't mean you can't dress fashionably and with a nod to this summer's hottest trends. Let's take a closer look at some of the most popular men's fashion trends for summer 2022, and how to wear them well.


Patterns of all kinds are in style for men this summer, and head-to-toe tie-dye looks appeared on the runways at fashion weeks from such designers as Louis Vuitton and Commes des Garçons.

You can wear this trend without decking yourself out in tie-dye from head to toe - but if you do go for a head-to-toe look, make it one with matching tie-dye and coordinating colors. If you don't want to go for the ultra-fashionable head-to-toe look, just add one tie-dye element to your outfit. A tie-dye t-shirt or hat would be perfect.

Head-to-Toe Leather

Head-to-toe leather looks appeared at this season's fashion weeks, with models rocking leather jackets and leather pants or even leather speed suits. If you think a pair of leather pants would be a dubious investment, wear the trend by adding leather accents to your outfit. Wear a leather jacket with jeans, or a varsity jacket with leather sleeves. You could even just wear leather accessories - carry a leather satchel or wear a leather belt and shoes.

Lots of Color

Vivid colors of all kinds are in style for men's summer fashion this year. Colorful suits in neon and primary colors appeared on the runways at fashion weeks this season. Lime green, pastel pink, orange, and royal blue monochrome looks are in for men this summer.

You can have fun with color without wearing it head to toe, especially if it's a neon color that has a way of washing you out. Dip your toes into the trend with brightly colored accessories or a neon top under a denim jacket.

Tactical Gear

The warcore fashion trend favors tactical gear like cargo pants, balaclavas, bomber jackets with hidden pockets, layered utility belts, canvas vests, utility jackets, and buckled backpacks. Warcore enthusiasts have embraced the use of the surgical mask in COVID times. A head-to-toe tactical getup might have you looking like a member of a paramilitary organization ready to man the barricades in the revolution to come. It might not be the best idea to walk around fully decked out in military gear, depending on where you live.

That doesn't mean you can't wear the trend. Tactical gear might look out of place on the street, but at a rave or a nightclub, a full warcore getup, with tactical vest, utility belt, mask, and cargo pants, wouldn't raise any eyebrows. For streetwear, just wear a single piece of tactical gear. Cargo pants are coming back in style for men this summer. Throw on a canvas utility vest or jacket over your jeans and graphic tee. Fleeces, hiking boots, and extra pockets all nod to the look without going full warcore.

Oversize Suits

Wraparound suits and oversized, double-breasted suit jackets have been appearing on runways for a couple of seasons now. Today's oversized suit jackets are being worn with string vests or nothing under them at all - a nightmare for your dry cleaning bill. Oversized suits are being worn with sneakers, a true high-low look.

To wear this trend, choose a boxy, double-breasted suit in a nice color - you may want to eschew the neon suiting looks appearing on runways this season. Instead choose something in a nice forest green or rust color. You're looking for colors that don't get much play, but aren't overwhelming either. Wear the suit jacket with a color-coordinated t-shirt and a pair of sneakers.

Men's fashion trends this summer are colorful and fun, but what appears on the runway isn't always what you want to be seen in on the street. You can wear the hottest men's fashions for summer 2022 in a more subtle way suitable for everyday wear. Strut your stuff as you wear men's trends like tactical gear, colorful suits, tie-dye and even leather. As with most fashion, all you need to pull it off is confidence.

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