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Academic writing is challenging for many students who have not yet mastered strong analytical and writing skills. But even students with these skills can struggle to find the inspiration to work on an essay assignment. Thankfully, students today can turn to online academic assistants like

If you sometimes don't feel like writing, you should know that this is completely normal, and you're not the only one experiencing it. Feeling a bit dull about working on your homework is an indication that your brain is not in the correct headspace to tackle a challenge. The good news is, there are several activities you can take part in to prepare your brain for the task ahead.

While college paper writing is not the most exciting thing to do, having the inspiration to work on your paper makes the process fun and worthwhile. Continue reading to learn low-effort activities to make writing a breeze.

1. Take a Walk

You cannot underestimate how much a simple walk in nature can do to shift your attitude towards an impending assignment. Walking outside gives you a healthy break from life and allows your brain to focus on what you need to get done. Interacting with nature's greens boosts your motivation to start or continue an assignment you have been stuck with.

This might sound counterintuitive, but engaging in physical exercise refreshes your energy and also gives you some time to think about how you want to tackle the assignment. Ponder on the factors restraining you from writing and what you can do to regain your motivation.

Being away from your dorm room also takes the pressure of seeing all the assignments you have due. You can allow yourself to think of practical solutions you can apply to make your situation better. If your issue is perfectionism, this would be the perfect time to remind yourself that an impactful essay doesn't have to be perfect.

Whatever your reasons for procrastination are, address them during your walk so that when you come back, you're ready to get to work. You can begin with a draft and make a submission-ready copy from it. Walking also gives you a change of scenery that is guaranteed to solve your writer's block because your brain will have an opportunity to explore ideas in a new environment.

2. Clean Your Space

Did you know that an untidy working environment disorganized your thoughts? That's right, when your room is upside down; your brain will have a hard time focusing on an assignment. If you can't seem to get off your bed and work on your essays, the reason could be the state of your dorm room.

How about you clean up your space and see how motivated you will be to work on all your pending assignments. Cleaning is associated with therapeutic powers that help you put your thoughts in order to boost your concentration.

A room that feels fresh is perfect for brainstorming and working because you won't be distracted by the unmade bed or the pile of clothes at one of the corners of the room. Tidying up your room jumpstarts your system and allows you to have a productive studying session. The feeling of achievement you get from putting everything in their place will encourage you to work on the assignments.

3. Find a New Place to Work

If you're always working in your dorm room, it might be time for you to find a different place to work. Being in the same space stifles your creativity and prevents your brain from thinking outside the box. Moving your work to a new environment allows your brain to explore new ideas that will come in handy in completing the assignment. If you don't know how to step out of your comfort zone, consider working at your favorite café, at the park or in the school library.

4. Listen to Music

Music has the power to get you through tough times because of the soothing effect it has on you. If you're struggling to find the inspiration to write an essay, consider writing with music in the background. Ensure you play your favorite playlist in order to manipulate your mood and give you the psych to get down to work.

Whether you're stressing over your academic performance or you're feeling a little under the weather, music will soothe you and get you in a better mood so that you find the strength to do your homework.

5. Talk to a Friend

Sometimes, what you need is to vent to get your worries and concerns off your chest. Reach out to a friend able to offer you a listening ear and just talk about what has been bothering you. As the saying goes, a problem shared is half solved.

Wrapping Up

When you find the motivation to do something, it doesn't matter how you were feeling a while back. Try out these inspiration tips anytime you're struggling with completing an assignment to break your procrastination cycle.

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