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INVNT, Brand Storytelling Done Right

23 Jun 2021, 04:42 GMT+10

Stories have the power to stir emotions in a human. The creativity and interesting plots make a person develop curiousness for the story or the characters. Making use of the profound impact that stories have on the human mind, major brands have leveraged it. Almost every global and famous brand that is seen today has its own unique story and shares it accordingly. The plot helps people connect with the products or services the brand is offering. It develops an emotional attachment that either reminds them of their personal experience or a compelling story that moves them. Coming up with creative story ideas that resonate with the brand, executing them, and using them to target the audience correctly; all require the help of a brand storytelling company. And one of them is INVNT.

'You can't sell anything if you can't tell anything' - Beth Comstock

Agreeing completely with the quote, INVNT believes in engaging customers by crafting and sharing interesting and thought-provoking stories about a brand. INVNT is a contemporary live brand storytelling agency that has mastered the art of creating compelling stories for renowned brands. Launched in 2008, the agency has more than a decade of experience working in the field - its leadership team also each possesses more than 20 years experience - and understands the requirements that make a brand reach a new height of success.

Selling Without Selling

The evolution of marketing can be measured simply by the fact that the campaigns created today are more human-centric than product-centric. The impact that brand storytelling has had on marketing is tremendous. Marketing campaigns that focus on the brand's story have an added advantage in that they deviate from selling services or products. A creative, entertaining, or emotional story is always a more effective way to grab a customer's attention. It can help build brand love and move potential customers to invest in the brand rather than singular products.

'The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing' - Tom Fishburne

The reason behind INVNT's prominence is its effortless yet effective marketing strategies. Its approach is to sell without making the customer feel like they are being sold to. The agency places emphasis on storytelling because of its capability to connect with the customer's sentiment. According to the company, developing an emotional connection between the customer and the brand helps build brand equity.

One feature that sets INVNT apart from the rest is that it has mastered the art of effective live brand storytelling. Being mindful of the fact that people today spend most of their time staring at screens, INVNT has found the right reason to ramp up its marketing techniques.

Live brand storytelling is a marketing strategy that attracts customers to the brand or product through compelling stories delivered via a live in-person, hybrid or virtual event. Since the world has become a global village and technology has become more and more advanced, it has become easier for people to connect with brands and immerse themselves in the curated brand lifestyles they create through their phones.

Live brand storytelling is the future of marketing. According to statistics released in 2018, 85% of consumers were likely to make a purchase after they attended a live experience. This shows that the growing change in marketing is appreciated and liked by the audience. INVNT's successful brand storytelling revolves around focusing on the brand story and the live interaction with the audience. The modern-age agency believes that life experience and interaction entices the millennials and the Gen-Z. They favor experiences over material objects and are dominating the consumer market as they enter the workforce.

All About INVNT

INVNT is a live brand storytelling agency that was founded by husband and wife team, Scott Cullather and Kristina McCoobery. The company was founded in 2008 when the world was battling a high global recession. Despite the tough circumstances, INVNT rose up to be a successful marketing agency. Its services include virtual and hybrid meetings and events, creative services, branded environments, marketing, live brand storytelling, brand experience, experiential marketing, and festivals.

The company has won multiple awards for its outstanding services and brand experience. Some of them are Event Company of the Year - Large at the 'C&IT Awards Americas,' Experiential Agency of the Year and Growth & Expansion by 'The Drum Agency Business Awards US,' and many more. INVNT is overseen by a parent company launched in June 2020, [INVNT GROUP]. INVNT CEO McCoobery says, "With the launch of Invnt Group, Invnt will continue to develop and deploy events that excite and unite physical and virtual audiences. At the same time, it will provide clients with access to a much broader suite of services, ensuring consistency of BrandStory across the board."

The power couple aims to introduce a new effortless wave of advertising in the marketing sector. INVNT has already become a trailblazer in mastering the art of live brand storytelling and will continue to grow and expand due to its innovative approach - and it has many new projects in the pipeline. Former INVNT CEO and current [INVNT GROUP] President & CEO Cullather says, "The marketing industry is constantly changing, and we've found that truly integrated marketing campaigns are now key. We look to create holistic campaigns that encompass both live events and branded content and ensure a brand remains top of mind long after an event ends."

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