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We live in a digital world. These days, many businesses have realized the power of digital marketing since a considerable part of the population is using the internet and other digital resources daily. Talking of digital resources, lets us talk about the power of video advertising for businesses. Video advertising is on the rise because we live in a fast-paced world, which means you have to continually find new ways to market your brand and stand out in a highly competitive market. Although video advertising is not new, it is undoubtedly going to be the next big marketing strategy for anyone who wants to capture the attention of internet users. In simple words, if you do not integrate video advertising into your marketing strategy, you will be left behind by the fast-pacing digital era. If you are not yet convinced, check out the several benefits of video advertising for your business.

Popularity of videos

According to statistics, an average of four billion youtube videos get views every day globally. That means 80% of internet users watch videos online daily. But who doesn't like to watch catchy, smart, and relevant video content? Video producers such as Spiel claim that video has become the most powerful digital marketing strategy in today's world. According to research, many consumers decide to purchase a product after watching a video advertisement or a video related to that product. They use the information provided in the video to make an informed choice about the product. The rising popularity of videos makes video advertising the perfect marketing strategy to increase your business sales.

A video boosts conversion rates.

Many studies have shown that including a video on your landing page can increase conversions by a whopping 80%. A smart video advertisement can persuade a visitor to convert into a lead or convert a lead into a consumer by merely influencing the buying behavior. One unique thing with video advertising is that it conveys the right emotions, thus a powerful selling tool. When you use a video for advertising a product, you can successfully convince a visitor to purchase your product compared to them reading the information. Again, it is crucial to keep it short, catchy, simple but sweet to the consumer. Incorporating a strong call to action in the video ad is also a way of increasing product recalls.

Videos ads can be shared.

Today, it is all about video sharing on the internet, mostly on social media platforms. Consumers do not hesitate to share videos they like with family, friends, and acquaintances on social media platforms. According to studies, 92% of videos are shared on social media. Therefore, there is no better way to achieve organic traffic than using video advertisements. You can reach a vast audience through video ads. Plus, the number of shares your video gets, the more your brand visibility grows.

If you create a specific video tailored to a particular audience, you can increase engagement and exposure to consumers. Video advertising helps the consumer relate and communicate with the brand, thus organically reaching a broad audience.

Mobile users love videos.

Many mobile users love videos, which explains why interesting videos go viral on social media. A substantial part of the population watches videos on mobile devices than computers. In addition to that, mobile users love short, catchy, and funny videos they can easily share on social media. It is essential to note that internet users have a short attention span, so short videos gain more popularity. Make the first five seconds of your video advertisement as captivating as possible to capture the viewer's attention. Mobile video ads provide the most convenient option for marketing your brand. Integrating humor to bring out the uniqueness of your company is an excellent way to increase online shares.

Videos are an excellent way to share information.

These days we are seeing the popularity of video to-do guides and tutorials rising rapidly. That shows the power of videos as a tool for sharing information with consumers. Marketing companies help businesses integrate audio-visuals in their marketing video ads to educate and share more information with consumers. Simply put, a video provides a good way to tell a story as it appeals to different senses in the viewer. Video advertisements have an emotional appeal to the consumers, and most marketers use them to build a relationship with the consumer. As such, you can use video ads to educate, inform or entertain your consumers.

Video ads are SEO friendly.

Search engines such as Google rank video content higher than other types of content. Therefore, integrating video ads in your marketing strategy can increase your website rankings on the search engine. You can post the video ads on your blogs to capture users' attention, and you can encourage shares on social media platforms to reach your target audience. Embedding a catchy video ad on your landing page helps you engage with the consumer and attract their attention.

Talking of search engines, YouTube ranks behind Google in the list of popular search engines. When you put up video ads on YouTube, your website and share them on social medial, your visibility ultimately increases. Since search engines are continually looking for ways to engage users, videos offer the perfect chance to increase your visibility.

The success of video advertising is measurable

Another advantage of using video advertisements is that you can measure their success. Many platforms such as Youtube and Facebook offer analytics for measuring video ads. From as simple as knowing how many views, likes, or shares the video gets, you can assess your video ad's success. That can help you reevaluate your marketing campaign and see what areas you need to put extra effort into. Again, consumers always provide feedback through the comment section, which you can use to determine what changes you should implement on your brand.

The bottom line

The advantages of video advertising surpass all other forms of advertising. Videos go viral and provide the perfect way to drive organic traffic to your website. They are limitless in that you can extend your creativity beyond the box. They are flexible and can be shared on multiple digital platforms. Again, video advertising is a powerful tool to expose your brand to a broad audience on a massive scale.

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