Mon, 25 Jan 2021

Slot games have been widely popular among gamblers, and there is always a curiosity about the different types of slots that a casino offers to the gambler. However, while comparing the online and offline gambling modes, it is clear that the online gambling platforms offer more slot game variety than the land-based casinos. The slot online indo has attracted the players because of its simplicity. It is the simplest game to gamble.

The most important feature of the online slot game is that even beginners can play and win because this game does not require any difficult and special strategies; it makes the slot game different from other games. It is also available as mobile slots, making it more convenient to play because some people may not have a PC or laptop.

Before playing slots, you should understand what the game is all about and how you can earn more by winning the game. Although some people consider it a game of chance and luck, it requires the player to have enough skills to increase their winning probability. Several gambling platforms as slot online indo exclusively offer slots with many slot machines, which mean that the platform provides variety in the slot game.

Types of slots

There are many types of slots that an online platform can offer. Look at the further section!

  • 3 reels classic

It is a common type of slot game in which three reels with different symbols engraved on them in different colors to make it look attractive. The player adds the money to the slot machine, plays his turn, and then waits for the reels to stop. If on stopping, the symbols on all the 3 reels are the same, it is a win for the player.

It is the most common and oldest game since past times. The offers provided to the players on this game are huge, which makes it more interesting. Being the oldest game, it is the purest of all. The 3 reels slot game is the basis of all, and the beginner is recommended to play it first.

  • 5 reels slot

5 reels slot machine is an advanced form of 3 reels slot because it contains the 5 reels on a reel-grid available on slot online indo. The advancement in this game is because of the high level of programming data added to it. Since it is more difficult than the 3-reels slot, the strategy should be changed and updated.

The player should be more experienced while playing this type of slot game because it requires more strong strategy than others. It is different from the 3 reels classic slot game in every aspect.

  • Multipliers

It is the most popular slot game on slot online indo because the players love to play it. As the name suggests, a multiplier includes multiplying some factors, and the best thing about it is the multiplication of money amount by the number that the player chooses. While playing this game, the player has the freedom to choose the numbers; the choice can be one or more than one.

If the odds favor the player and he wins the game, the winning amount will get multiplied by the number he has chosen. It offers the opportunity to the player to earn huge bonuses by using a small amount of money. It is a game that the smarter player will choose because it is the fastest way of increasing the winning amounts.

  • Mobile slots

The slot game is so popular is available in mobile versions. It has increased the convenience for the players who like spending more time on their mobile phones. It is, by the way, the smaller version with all the similar features and options. You just have to download the mobile application for this purpose.

Nothing is more comfortable than a mobile phone game because it allows you to play the game even at a place where you cannot carry the laptop.Suppose you are waiting for someone who has not arrived yet; the mobile slot game will help you fight the boredom. Not only is it an interesting time pass activity, but also it will get you lucrative amounts.

  • Mega spin slots

It is another type of slot offered to the gamblers on slot online indo platform. It is the type of game that you can play more than one game on a single screen. You have to press the button, and the game starts. The wheel starts revolving, and the reward at which the pointer stops will be your winning reward.

It has the same concept as a shopping platform offers. There you must have seen a spinning wheel with discount offers printed on it, you click on the wheel, and it starts revolving. The spinning stops and the pointer points at a specific discount offer; that will be your reward.

  • Progressive slots

The game is available on slot online indo that can win you even a jackpot if you continue to progress in the game. But the wins should be straight; it is the must-to-be considered condition. The continuous wins will indicate the progress of the player. The risk that this game carries with it is high, but the player has the chance to win lucrative amounts if the odds are in favor.

The strategy should be properly framed, and the player should be experienced enough before playing this game to avoid any kind of money risk.

  • Multi-pay line slots

The winning chances increase in this game because playing in multiple pay lines can get huge rewards than playing in a single pay line slot. It is not a necessary factor that the match should be in a straight line; it can be in any way.


There are many different types of slot games, but the player has to decide which he wants to play. Every type of slot game has its winning strategies, and the player should be careful not to do the things that can make him lose the game. Every game offers exciting offers, but you should have the appropriate skills and the experience that some games demand.

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