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My Post Apocalyptic Movie List

27 Dec 2020, 18:17 GMT+10

The list I've shared is amazing and gives you an overview of apocalyptic movies that make your eyes glue to the TV. I got inspired by this list of the very best post apocalyptic movies from In this article, I've collected 13 post-apocalyptic movies to watch, including many classics that can be found on Netflix. Full disclosure, the wild card choice for this list is one of the more obscure apocalyptic movies. I may have only mentioned three post-apocalyptic films, but I am sure you will all enjoy them. Grab a drink, relax and prepare for the end of the world while I show you 13 post-apocalyptic movie listings.

Technically, it may not be set in the post-apocalyptic future, but there's definitely something apocalyptic about it - like Dennis Weaver's 1971 Plymouth Valiant, which is pestered by a tanker truck in Steven Spielberg's debut. This is a Soviet post-apocalyptic film in which the stalker leads a group of people on a journey through a mysterious post-apocalyptic landscape known as the Zone.

The film is also exciting for the other characters who also try to survive in the post-apocalyptic world, but it is also possible that the dialogue is passed on through the eyes of the mutants and not through the human characters themselves. If you are an apocalypse mutant and humans are the ones who inflict apocalypse and genocide mutants, this is a post-apocalyptic set-up move.

What we need to remember is that a good post-apocalyptic film is not necessarily the scariest. In this sense, post-apocalyptic films are not mere disaster portraits, the main value of which depends largely on shock and excitement. They have much more depth and depth than a typical apocalyptic film. Compare this to post-apocalyptic movies where there is more government infrastructure, as in the case of Terminator 2.

The list of post-apocalyptic films below makes it easy to pick a few films for your weekend. If you're sitting on a high-definition widescreen TV, you can enjoy every second of an apocalyptic movie. There are so many great films that you will be satisfied all weekend long.

If you're looking for more suggestions, go to our list of post-apocalyptic movies for a full list. Here is a short summary of what is currently available for streaming and some movies to try.

If you are more interested in actors or in the pure destruction of the world, then you should have post-apocalyptic movies on your list. Whether adrenaline-fuelled car chases, science fiction thrillers or horror films - everyone can enjoy the various possibilities of a world without end. Check out our list of the ten best horror movies of all time and be enchanted by the action, gore and excitement, as well as the humor and excitement of these movies.

Below are 10 films from 2016 and 2017 that deal with the Apocalypse or the post-apocalyptic world, be it disease, catastrophe or invasion. The biggest question we used to create this list was how to define a post-apocalyptic movie.

A post-apocalyptic film is a film set after the widespread collapse or disintegration of human civilization and provides a social commentary on civilized society. Despite its total lack of originality, the slightly affected Planet of the Apes, in which astronauts return to Earth to find it as a post-apocalyptic wasteland inhabited by gangs of violent criminals and so on, is in fact a very worthy B-movie. It really makes you think about what makes man human and who deserves to rule the planet.

I have to admit that it is somehow difficult to find post-apocalyptic films that are darker, darker and more terrible than these films. I would argue that post-apocalyptic movies are both sad and scary, which is why I have included Sean of the Dead in this list.

If you enjoy watching post-apocalyptic movies that follow a deadly virus that turns its victims into zombies, then you should definitely watch this. This trilogy could definitely be a movie marathon and be played as a must-see - check out 9 iconic apocalyptic movies. It's out later this year, so check out Train to Busan first!

This is not to say that I should stop making post-apocalyptic films or stop watching them, but if you are more of a science fiction person, I would suggest trying 100 films for all post-apocalyptic needs. If you're looking for a list of all the post-apocalyptic movies you should watch, let this post be your mothership.

It is essential that the screenwriters show the decaying state of the world immediately in a post-apocalyptic film. If it exists, like Legend, you don't need a film to function as a close-up and biopic of his life. The only way to build a world good enough for the characters to survive is to show them how to spot shocking decay and chaos. A film in which warriors roam the wasteland when they encounter settlers who need their help.

The apocalypse is never actually the apocalypse-at any rate not in fiction. All things considered, somebody should get by to tell the story. Also, what stories they are. People have been contemplating the finish of presence however long we've known about it (likely, I mean, I wasn't there), and therefore, we have a rich assortment of end of the world and post-end times writing to peruse during our planet's senescence.

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