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What are baccarat and different variants of this game?

24 Dec 2020, 20:02 GMT+10

In simple words, baccarat can be defined as a card game having two hands, i.e., banker and player, and can be played online on gambling applications and offline at casinos. There are mainly four variations of this game: punto banco, chemin de fer, baccarat banque, and Macao, which will be discussed in detail below.

This gambling game is most loved by people and played in most countries of the world following the basic rule- to get an eight or nine in the first two cards or to draw a card to get a score of perfect nine or close to nine. Getting a perfect nine in minimum cards is the primary purpose, which gets the score of nine and closes to nine would win the game and get all the money landed in the game.

There is no value of jack, queen, and king in the game, i.e., zero points will be considered for those cards. Aces give to be considered as one point, and jokers are not used. All the variations of baccarat will follow this basic rule.

Variants of baccarat

There are four popular variations of this popular game, which are talked below-

Punto banco

Punto is denoted for players, and banco is denoted for the banker. This variant is also called North American baccarat and majorly played in the united states' regions, the united kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Finland, and Macau. Punto banco deals with a shoe containing six or eight decks of cards that are shuffled together. This variation of the game involves the highest number of players, usually up to 14 can play at once.

The dealer or the croupier does the mixing or shuffling of cards and later distributes them among the players. Players do not get to decide on the third card, and the result will be considered by the combination of two cards and announced by the croupier. The player's rule stated that if a player has between 1-5, they are allowed to scratch the third card, and if they get the starting score of 6-8, withdrawing the third card is not allowed, and they can stand.

Whereas the banker's rule states that if a player stood up at two cards, the banker has to follow the rule. Otherwise, the banker draws a third card to get 6-7 and stands. More simply, if the banker has 7, then the banker stands, and if the baker has a total less than 7, then the banker is allowed to draw a card respective to the cards of players.

The dealer of the game will announce the final result. Losing bets will be gathered and handed over to the winning position according to the house's rules. The betting amount from every side will remain the same, which means the winning party will receive double money for their betted money.

Mini-baccarat is a smaller variation of the punto banco variant of the baccarat game and also called as midi punto. Rules are generally the same as the original punto banco game but deal with minimum numbers of players, usually 2-7. And only a single croupier will operate the table and shuffles and distributes the cards among players. This game is more suitable for professional gamblers and dangerous for a newbie.

Chemin de fer

Chemin de fer is called as chemmy. It is the French version of baccarat although it was originated from Italy. Mainly six decks of cards are used and shuffled together. Players can sit randomly on an oval table according to their desire. Discarded cards are placed at the center and play continuous anti-clockwise.

The player who initiates the game is called a banker, and the remaining players are called punters. A player can go back or sit back to leave the game, and a banker will move to the next player for their bets. The cards are distributed face down rather than face up. The decision of scratching the third card is only on the player.

A bet can be increased by the players when their turn to bet comes; a bet can be increased in the multiples of 2x, 4x, and 8x. If the player's hand goes beyond the banker's hand, each wagering player receives a matching amount from the bank. If a tie happens, then the play continues, and the wagers go for the next hand.

Baccarat banque

Baccarat Banque is also known as Deux tableaux in which the position of banker is permanent then the chemmy version of the game. This variant consists of three well-shuffled decks, and the banker holds the office of bets until the cards have been distributed. This is a European version of the game and offers the player a more considerable amount than the other variants.

The betting amount is not fixed in this game; a player can bet any amount they want. Players can go back whenever they want and leave the game if they do not get control over the game. The distribution of shuffled cards by croupier has been distributed among the players in a counterclockwise manner.

Each punter continues to clutch the cards on his sides as long as he wins or ties the game. If a loss occurs to the player, the next hand will be played following the player in the game's rotation. The banker's breaking does not allow the banker to continue further, and the funds would be distributed equally to the remaining players.


Macao is considered as the precursor of the baccarat . It is originated in Asia by sailors. This gameplay uses two sets of decks and ground well together and distributed among the players or gamblers. This variant follows the rules similar to the baccarat Banque. Initially, one card is dealt clockwise in a face-down manner to every participant of the match by the banker. The player's objective is to beat the banker and avoid the risk of losing the game. In a tie, the operated hand does not continue, and the player with the higher hand will win.

After discussing the different varieties of baccarat, one can easily decide the variant they want to play and place their bets in for winning some money. The game of baccarat is played across the world, and in different countries, it is known by different names.

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