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Overcoming obstacles to successful meditation

24 Nov 2020, 17:17 GMT+10

People commonly think that meditation is about the absence of all thought, and that can be why it is a struggle. But it is more about being separate from or an observer of that thought, rather than just reacting to it. It is about being in the present, completely. In a meditative state, you have a better understanding of your own truth. When trying to achieve meditation in Point Pleasant it is not something that comes easily to a lot of people, even when spending money on different classes and methods. Here is a look at some of the common reasons people say they struggle to meditate and what you could do about them.

Five common obstacles to people successfully using meditation

Not having the time

This is one of the biggest obstacles people say they face, not having the time to learn or practice. You can get help from some professionals with meditation in Brick but there are ways you can make time for meditation as part of even a busy schedule.

  • Waiting times - Did you know the average human spends 45 to 60 minutes waiting for something. In lines at shops, in waiting rooms for appointments, at bus stops, in traffic and so on. You could learn to turn those moments into opportunities for meditation.
  • Repetitious daily activities - Every day we brush our teeth, do the dishes, fold the laundry, eat, go for a walk or a run, shower or take a bath. As you do these activities be more aware of each breath as you take it. Feel every aspect of your hand as you put a dish away. As you drive be completely present with each motion.
  • Use your pet - As you take your dog for a walk be at one with your surroundings. Notice the breeze on your face and the aliveness of the things around you. With your cat stroke them on your lap and focus on the feel of the fur, the sound of their purr.
  • Lacking the discipline

    Another obstacle is not having self-discipline. With help from another trainer or coach in meditation in Point Pleasant, you can get past that, but on your own, it is a lot harder. Often we start with good intentions but then it is harder to keep to it. Have someone you are accountable to if you need that. If it is not some helping you meditate, perhaps it could be a friend, partner, or even co-worker who you meditate with.

    Nowhere to meditate

    People sometimes say they cannot meditate because they do not have the space to do it. But it is a misconception that you need a completely peaceful and zen place to meditate in. You can do it anywhere and in any space. If you keep waiting for that perfect time and place it might never come.

    Falling asleep instead of into meditation

    It is not that big of a deal if you sometimes end up sleeping rather than meditating but there are some ways you can avoid it always happening. Do not meditate just before bed, you are too tired. Do it when you wake up or sometime in the morning if you are beat at the end of it. Meditating does not have to be a whole big chunk of time. Shorten your times and you will get better at it.

    Too much happening around you

    People find they have a lot happening and it is too busy or distracting to meditate. A TV is blaring in the next room, the kids are squabbling, the cat wants to be with you and is meowing and so on. There are ways to incorporate that into the meditation in Brick. Pick up the cat and pet them and focus on them. With other distractions notice them and accept them. If you need to deal with something do it while controlling your breathing and then settle back down.

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