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Can Memes Bring About Social Change?

24 Nov 2020, 00:42 GMT+10

The internet is flooded with memes today. Ask anyone, and they would say that they love memes. Memes help in bringing people from diverse groups together as they can relate to it. They also serve as an easy mode of entertainment accessible to all. However, have you ever wondered how memes influence social change and vice versa? Yes, memes are very intimately connected with all social changes. This is what we will explore here.

Memes Help in Bridging Gaps

Every day the internet gets millions of memes. They are all from different cultural contexts and on a wide variety of subjects. However, due to their eye-grabbing capacity, they spread like wildfire. People from various parts of the globe react to a meme and share it with their friends. This helps them to connect even if they are from diverse cultures, speak different languages, and live a thousand miles apart. Memes help these people to find common ground. Moreover, it is not rare to see people becoming friends by reacting to and sharing the same kind of memes.

Memes As Community Builders

Most of the memes are on some of the other social or personal issues. For instance, relationship problems, parent-child relationships, social ills, rising prices, corruption in the government, and whatnot? They are short, crisp, and easy to understand. Hitting where they are intended to, they spread faster than rumours. So memes on a particular issue easily gather several people around them. If the subject of the meme is a burning social issue, it helps large numbers of people to come forward and voice their opinions. Many a time, the community formed around memes even come together and take part in some constructive work in real life.

Stay mentally fit with a meme

The fast-paced life of today comes packed with anxiety, stress, and depression. However, when you come across a fascinating meme on the internet, all your troubles vanish in a second. The subtle sense of humour in memes can sometimes bring a smile to your face. At other times, you might even burst into peals of laughter. And if you love to make memes yourself, that is a bonus. You can unleash your creativity and create memes that will go viral on social media. This will do away with all your stress and anxieties, making you cheerful.

Some memes even have a touch of dark humour to them. This helps us to laugh at otherwise grave and stressful issues and who would deny that laughter is the best medicine? When you laugh at a meme about your exhaustion at the workplace or the stress at university, you can cope with it better. So start making and sharing memes to ease out the tension with a burst of laughter.

Memes help the oppressed and minorities to voice their opinions

Although the internet is full of racist, sexist, misogynistic, and homophobic memes, racial and sexual minorities can also assert themselves by taking part in the meme culture. This helps in turning the tables. Memes created to spread awareness on equality, racial discrimination, and queer rights also go viral with millions of reactions and shares thereby serving as a powerful tool for bringing about or at least initiating a social change.

A creative way to exercise your freedom of expression

As citizens of a democratic country, you have the freedom to express your opinions on a wide variety of issues. How about adding a touch of creativity to your opinions. After all, no one loves to listen to rants. When you set your creative wings free and create a stunning meme, people will surely notice. It is a good way to voice your opinion in a way that it is heard.

Recently, Drake memes has been breaking the internet. It uses two separate screenshots from 'Hotline Bling' music by Drake. In the first image, he denies something, and in the next, he readily expresses approval for another. This template went viral like anything. Since then, people have been using it to create memes on a variety of issues with a touch of sarcasm. They act like sugar-coated pills. While you laugh, you carry home a serious message often without realizing it.

In recent times, memes have also spread a lot of negativity. Some people and groups use memes to spread messages of hatred. They often target specific social groups making them the object of ridicule which is quite sad. There have also been several instances when memes have sparked social unrest and tension between different groups and communities. However, they are a part of society, and like everything has its positive and negative aspects. The silver lining is that such memes spreading hate speech and bullying certain groups of people can be reported to the cybercrime branch.

Summing Up

If you are a creative person who loves to play with pictures and videos, you must make things. Add a catchy phrase to a few pictures or do a bit of editing on your videos, and there you go. Your meme will reach thousands of people overnight. You must be wondering about how to make a meme. There are several tools and apps to help you out, and Video Creek is one of them. With its easy user interface, you can create stunning memes that will leave an impact. So stop waiting and voice your opinions through memes that go viral!

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