Mon, 10 May 2021

Fleet management is an industry that has been around for a very long time, and yet we are still finding ways to improve. There are a lot of different goals that a fleet manager has when starting out, and I have named a few of the major goals and job duties of a fleet manager.

Depending on the company, there might be some that are not listed, but these three examples are going to pertain to just about every fleet manager and his/her goals or job duties that are very important.

Cutting Costs

One of the first major duties that any fleet manager has is to cut costs. The end goal is to boost profits, and most people would argue that the easiest way to boost profits is to cut any costs that can be cut.

Products such as fleet management solutions could actually help a fleet manager identify anything wrong and correct it to boost profitability. If a fleet manager can get their hands on the right software that is out there, it could help out immensely. Also, the various software out there can help with other functions in fleet management such as keeping track of drivers.

Maintenance and Purchasing Vehicles

The next major function is that a fleet manager must keep track of the status of the various vehicles in the fleet. If something needs maintenance, then it is the job of a fleet manager to plan ahead and get it scheduled to be fixed.

Without a fleet manager overseeing functions like this, it would all be up to truck drivers to keep track of everything, and they might not be the most responsible in that instance.

Also, a fleet manager will usually make decisions when a new truck needs to be purchased. If there is more business to do or a fleet vehicle is going bad, then a fleet manager will put the order in for a new truck to add to the fleet.

Preparing Reports

The last major point that I will point out is that a fleet manager is responsible for preparing reports and judging the effectiveness of the fleet. This kind of deals with the first point, because after analyzing the report a manager can identify areas to cut costs.

There are a lot of different reports, and it is a major task to dive into the information and make any necessary changes. It is a lot of responsibility, but it is so necessary for a fleet to be effective and well maintained. Preparing and analyzing reports might be one of the most important fleets management duties.

At the end of the day, the biggest goals are to maintain the safety of drivers, their vehicles, and boost profits of the fleet because that's what matters.

Hopefully, you learned something about fleet managers and what kind of job duties they have. Please share this post with someone that would be interested in this topic!

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