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What Do I need to Hire a Van from Enterprise?

17 Nov 2020, 03:17 GMT+10

Vans are that type of vehicle that few people own but that, from time to time in certain situations (moving, vacations loaded with luggage, etc.) are extremely useful. In those cases, there are only two options: to get close to the friend who has one to help us or to rent one Australian Ute. If you are not lucky enough to have the first and you can only opt for the second alternative, here are five tips to rent vans.

Choose the Model Well

You are the one who knows why you need to rent the van, are you going to carry a moderate amount of cargo or are you going to carry the house directly? Depending on the need, choose one or the other type of van, since the larger ones are more expensive and it does not make any sense that you make an extra outlay for something that you are not going to take advantage of.

Attentive to the Fine print and Extra Expenses

As in everything in this life, it is a good idea that you do not stay with the first thing you find, but rather spend some time looking on the internet and comparing the enormous number of rental companies that exist today.

Check the prices that they offer you on both sides since, although they may be more or less even, somewhere they will be somewhat cheaper. Also pay attention to what the payment includes, the type of insurance coverage, the conditions in which the vehicle is delivered (such as the amount of fuel), if it has to be returned in exactly the same way, possible surcharges, etc.

Book in Advance

Surely you are clear when the day you need the van is going to be, so it makes no sense to show up at the rental company suddenly and ask for it, because the model you need is likely not available at that time. Plan in advance and book in advance, you will avoid more than one problem.

Check that Everything is Ready

It's okay to have faith in the world and be confident, but it can get you into trouble in the long run. Once the vehicle is delivered, check that everything is as it should: the pressure of the wheels, the operation of the various elements, the state of the bodywork, that of the passenger compartment ...

You should do it mainly for two reasons. The first, security. If checking that everything is ready in a passenger car is important, it is even more so when the vehicle you are going to drive weighs several tons and, furthermore, you are not familiar with it. The second, so that they don't 'mess with you.' Take photos of any damage that the van may have when they give it to you, to have evidence to show the rental company in case they later want to 'hang the brown' on you.

Be Aware of Traffic Restrictions

To begin, you have to bear in mind that with your standard driving license, the B, it is only valid for driving vans with a maximum authorized weight of up to 3,500 kilos, as long as you are at least 23 years old and have at least two years of license. If the vehicle weighs more (up to 7,500 kilos) it will be necessary to have the C1 license.

Car Rental Agencies Ideas

Not only that, when you hit the road you should be aware that their speed limits differ from those of conventional cars: a van weighing up to 3,500 kilos can go 100 km / h on motorways and highways, at 90 km / h. h on roads with 1.5 meters of shoulder and at 80 km / h on the rest of the roads.

Car rental agencies have a wide portfolio of vehicles that, due to their age or number of miles traveled, are put up for sale. Why? Simple, most people who rent a car prefer to purchase a vehicle of the year or similar with little mileage on the dashboard. It is simply the demand of the consumers. So, the rental agencies decide to put those older models or with more miles for sale so as not to have them stopped without renting.

There are experts who automatically reject the idea of ??buying a rental agency car without even looking at the condition of the vehicle. This can be a terrible mistake and a wasted opportunity.

What you have to know about used rental cars is that they receive constant maintenance among their rents. So, if a rental car is in optimal condition and at a price below what is imagined in the market, it may be a good offer to buy.

What about the miles? As this publishing house has explained previously, today's engines are designed to survive 100,000 miles and even reach 200,000, as long as constant maintenance is performed on the vehicle and it is not subjected to racing or other activities that would wear out your life quickly.

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