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Coding Python for teams

16 Nov 2020, 18:33 GMT+10

Coding is way more than sitting down for a few minutes and writing a few lines. It is more demanding and therefore calls for dedication once you have resorted to exploring it fully. Otherwise, you will always be sitting down for a few minutes to write code and suddenly lazy after leaving everything unfinished. Sometimes, it is more usual to churn out credible code lines and finish up everything in an easier way. But then, this won't be the case every time you sit right before your office table to handle a demanding project. Doing it all alone is fine, but it is also essential to consider exploring ideas from fellows. To get it all done in Python, then opt for an essential Python team and learn more. There is always a likelihood of exploring a range of ideas you haven't encountered before with teamwork. It is a perfect moment critical for learning and experimenting with things that are beyond our knowledge.

You can always write code in a different set of languages altogether. In every program you undertake, you will always go for programming languages based on your preferences. In this piece, we are narrowing down to Python, which is among the programmers' most influential languages. We shall also zero down to how exceptional it is to explore python coding in a Python team.

Therefore, if you are either a newbie or you just found some fun in coding Python, there is one vital thing you should keep sticking to. You need to be responsive and work towards learning more and more ways of solving problems using Python. To learn and get more ideas, working in teams is essential. Even if you plan to work it out all alone, then do it as if you are in a group. Let us get into a few basics you should always consider in your programming journey.

  • Documentation

While documentation can be considered unessential or rather of no great importance, it is always good to believe in it. Documentation is part and parcel of all jobs. It is based on the entire design and experimentation of any python program or project you are undertaking. Documentation is much more critical, especially when you share your codebase with individuals who are not well acquainted with programming basics. It is also more critical when it comes to fixing bugs at later stages of program development. Furthermore, documentation is essential in giving fellow programmers clear ideas on the data types passed to functions. Even though there might be some inline hinting comments, documenting your work adds more clarity, and anyone reading the code is likely to understand it faster.

  • Testing Python code

Usually, most people who haven't undergone a thorough training at the testing stage will always complain about malfunction of almost everything. Mostly, some consider the testing stage as a time-consuming and demanding stage. Testing of code will take just enough of your time. A perfect way to do it is the upfront way. On several occasions, complex code will seem harder to test. Any testing stage that entails advanced or complex code requires that refactoring of the application code. Such a case always happens when problems arise from the entire code structure. Most essentially, conducting a good number of tests is to some extent as it helps to back up the documentation section. High-level testing is critical for illustrating the entire set up of the program code. It is one of the crucial ways of essential in practicing the usage of the present application classes. You can also help new developers understand the new code through automated testing. Automated testing gives them a clear and lengthy perception of the entire code. While testing is an essential step in programming, programmers should note a significant distinction between the test code and the program code. The test code provides a straightforward way into the rightful code. There is no optimization required in this kind of code. Always ensure that each line of code performs what it is destined for. After that, any good programmer or developer will always prepare a coverage report.

  • Automation

Automation is another critical aspect of coding. It's quite essential to consider a few or more lines of code running inside a script. It is often advisable to get yourself some program that will help you develop some suitable development environment. Such cases occur when working in corporate environments. A good instance of such a program or software is Vagrant. Vagrant will help you create reliable development environments such as VM running in VirtualBox. It will give you an outstanding experience of working in several development spheres.

  • Setting up

While most experienced programmers rely on creating golden images, it is impotent to note that all these can be harmful. In a case where you have been handling tweaked servers, there is always the potential of having a hard time during node addition. Such a claim is made more intense, mostly when the installation was done through handwork. Always go for a setup script that readies you to run the already set up automated tests.

  • Modularization

If you have ever undertaken a severe program development project, then you will agree with the fact that modularization reduces workload. Working in modules majorly entails growing the project mainly through well-defined modules. Huge codes, at times, become unbearable and unmaintainable. It, therefore, calls for working in smaller portions or sessions. Every module should be kept in its git repositories to ensure proper organization of the entire project. Ensure to involve every module inclusive of the project's main idea highlights the desired requirements. Breaking the whole project into simpler and manageable modules is crucial because it enables code manageability, distinguishing between the core applications and modules, enhancing clarity, and sharing tasks for faster completion.

Above all, each programmer should ensure to maintain consistent communication as a vital aspect of the entire project.


Working as a group is essential in the productivity of the entire project. From the groups, you will get access to new ideas and new ways of solving problems. Working in a team also helps you to complete your Python project faster as there is a division of tasks which in turn, are compiled together to produce the desired outcome of a project.

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