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Real Estate Marketing strategies:(2020- 2021)

06 Nov 2020, 22:33 GMT+10

The real estate market is changing. After the economic crisis and the bursting of the real estate bubble, we lived through a period of chicha calm in which the real estate professionals who resisted had to uphold the slogan 'renew or die.'

And without a doubt, this renovation involves doing well real estate marketing and understanding that the sale is the consequence of the marketing actions we carry out.

So real estate professionals must be prepared to face the future and specialize to make a difference. Real estate marketing is the best key to an effective sale.

In this article, property news will tell you strategies, examples, tips and tips on real estate marketing so that you can implement them in your business and make it take off. Shall we start?

Real estate marketing strategies: offline actions

It is clear that nowadays digital marketing is the trend, and it comes stomping, but you cannot forget the offline real estate marketing actions that you must carry out in your business.

Only by combining the best offline marketing and online marketing strategies will you be able to succeed and be the king of your real estate market.

Just because its offline marketing doesn't mean it has to be stale or too traditional. I share with you some offline marketing ideas that you can work on. Get inspired!

If you are going to advertise on traditional paper, look for designs that are attractive, that impact and that invite reading, so that they do not end up in the bin. Flee from the real estate cliches before the crisis.

Hold workshops in your offices on topics that have nothing to do, in principle, with your sector. For example, organize a cooking workshop and invite potential clients, and make them know you and trust you in a relaxed atmosphere. You will have a lot of cattle!

Sponsor local sporting events. But do not leave the sponsorship only in stamping your logo on a shirt, get involved and see the day of the event, set up your stand and take the opportunity to do good networking.

Organize a seller's workshop where, for free, you give them tips and teach them how they can sell their home. In this way, instead of going with the fishing rod, we will go with the network and we will be able to contact potential and predisposed clients.

Throw a party in your office and invite your clients. Tell them that they can be accompanied by whoever they want, in this way you will be making a mark and you can easily get referrals.

Put your services into a guide that helps you as a tool to attract sellers.

Content marketing for real estate

What we seek with content marketing is to offer relevant content for the buyer or seller, in each of the phases that they will go through during their purchase process. If you put valuable information at their disposal and they see you as a reference and an expert in the sector, it is much more likely that they will give you the exclusive in the sale of their home, for example.

We must also work the emotional connection with our target audience through real estate content marketing. Take the opportunity to connect with the emotions of your customers!

Content marketing is key in real estate marketing today, and that is why I am going to leave you several ideas to work on it so that your agency is a magnet for sellers and buyers. Do you want to know them?

Real Estate Blog

Without a doubt, it is the king of real estate content marketing. And don't think: 'I already have a website like blue world city, why do I want a blog?' Precisely so that customers come to your website.

The blog is a brutal web positioning tool if it is well worked with your keywords. But it also allows you to offer high-value content for your potential clients, content that they are looking for on the internet and for which you can offer them an answer that will help you increase their chances of becoming a customer.

So get your batteries up and running on your real estate blog, then share your articles on your social networks and thus attract qualified traffic to your website.

You can talk about millions of things on your real estate blog: sector news commented and explained from your point of view, home decoration, tips to prepare your home for hot or cold weather, local news and events, unique houses, dictionary of real estate terms ... and even cooking or plant care recipes!

Free ebook or guides

The ebook can be a �Seller's Guide� in which you explain the ins and outs of selling a home. It can be titled, for example, 'Guide on how to prepare your home for sale' or a collection of tutorials on decoration.

Attractive real estate copies

Do not fall into the cliche of 'Great and bright apartment in ...', give life to your texts! In real estate portals the image is the queen, that is clear. But you must attract with the image and seduce with the text.

In the end it is about people, not houses. So, use storytelling and tell the story of that house or an anecdote that the owners have lived and that connects with future buyers, or talk about special moments that future buyers can experience.

And, of course, talk about the environment, describe what a day is like in that neighborhood or that area, what its neighbors are like or the activities you can do.

I leave you some examples of capital smart city Real Estate that I love for their originality. They are specialized in 'nice houses' and that sets them apart from the rest.

Tutorials: Serial Videos with Informational Pills

You can make a series of short tutorial videos on different topics of interest to your audience, from information pills on real estate terms to a DIY on how to turn a pallet into a table. Imagination to the power!


Infographics are very fashionable; it is content that is shared very well and that can reach new users and potential clients. You can, for example, make an infographic about the expenses of buying or selling a home, or advice on what to do on a visit with buyers.


Go ahead and be the first real estate agency in your city to have a podcast channel where you talk about real estate news.

You can talk about how the real estate market is in a certain neighborhood or the latest homes you have sold and return to offer valuable content for your client.

Did you know that almost everyone likes to know how much their home would be worth if they decided to put it up for sale? Take advantage of that to attract customers.

With all the content you are generating in your real estate marketing actions, it should not be difficult to convert the content of your blog or your downloadable guides into audio into a 20-minute weekly podcast, for example.

You can also bring guests to talk about different current affairs, decoration, home staging, architecture ... or people from your locality who you can invite to talk about the Land Management Plan of your city, local festivals or new business openings.

I'm sure you will succeed with your podcast!


You can organize the owner workshops that we have seen before in offline real estate marketing actions, but in a webinar format instead of in person. Interested users will connect to this online session, prior registration, so that you will have their information to be able to contact them once the webinar is over and prospect them.

We can also do webinars dedicated to the training of other professionals in our sector, so that we can position ourselves as experts and gain knowledge authority.

Video marketing for real estate

The videomarketing is here to stay, it is one of the current stars of the real estate marketing trends.

We already know that, as a rule, the user prefers to consume video before any other format. It is a perfect way to connect emotionally with your audience!

Here are some examples of how you can implement this trend in your marketing strategy. Can you think of others?

Promotional videos

You can promote your company in an original, fresh and close way thanks to video. Talking about the values of your brand and letting your work speak for you is much easier if we use video marketing.

Here you can see an example of a real estate company that has opted for this action:

Promotional videos for housing

Use drones to show your location, the environment, talk to neighbors or even current owners to explain the benefits of the neighborhood and invite a buyer to be new to the neighborhood. You can also make live video on social networks and create excitement around the acquisition of a new home.

Video with customer testimonials

The best way to sell ourselves is for our work to speak for itself, and what better way to do it than through the experience of a selling client or a buyer client. This will connect much more with our target audience, who will first empathize with someone with whom they identify.

Let's not forget that we are talking about people, not houses. We are talking about helping people solve problems, and if people tell how we have helped them solve that problem we will have a lot to win.

I leave you another example of a testimonial video prepared by a real estate company so that you can get inspired.

Virtual reality

Although it is not video marketing as such, I do not want to stop mentioning this technique that is used more and more. Thanks to technology, a client can visit home from our office only using a virtual reality glass.

Social networks for real estate

You should dedicate time to developing a social media plan, in which the first thing we will do is analyze in which social networks our target audience is present. Once we know it, we will draw up an action plan and develop a strategy that allows us to reach this target audience.

Yes, you read that correctly: social media strategy. It is not enough to publish apartments on your profile and the course on social networks that you have attended, you have to generate value and put self-promotion aside.

Here are the social networks with the most potential for your real estate marketing. Do you use them already?

Facebook for real estate

Currently, a large number of homes are being sold on this social network, so I encourage you to make a fan page that will serve you both to sell and to prospect homes.

As you know, what Facebook wants you to pay, that's why it invites you to promote your [publications over and over again, and that's why it also limits your organic or natural reach. And then you ask yourself: but how does Facebook work so that my publications reach my potential clients?

Thanks to my experience with real estate companies, I can tell you that brand content works very well on Facebook: do branding. Share your daily activity and combine it with posts that add value about sector news, curiosities, decoration tips, local news, promotion of collaborating companies, etc.

The important thing is that you work your brand content very well: good photos, good texts, videos that attract attention, Facebook Live showing a home live, promotional videos, etc.

In addition, it is a perfect way to stay connected with our clients and offer them attention through Facebook Messenger.

And to this, if you have a budget, you can add Facebook Ads advertising campaigns showing your homes for sale. In Facebook Ads it is where we are going to be able to segment our audience very well, to arrive at a client profile looking for their first home or an investor profile, depending on the property in question. It will allow us to obtain leads that we will then be able to work on to convert into potential buyers.

Finally, you can also work the Facebook Marketplace by sharing homes.

Instagram for real estate

Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can post the same thing on Facebook and Instagram: the target audience for both networks is different. On Instagram you will find the youngest part of your target audience (especially buyers), but do not think that you will only find millennials in this social network, since their mothers are also around here ... and they are part of you! target!

The first thing you have to do is have a company profile on Instagram, this way you can measure and analyze all your actions on this social network. You can also have contact buttons, something very important to get customers.

Once we have the company profile, the next step is to have an Instagram bio that shines. You have to have it properly optimized, since the competition on Instagram is brutal, and a new follower has just a few seconds to decide whether to follow you or not, whether to buy from you or not.

How to work Instagram for your real estate?

In Stories it shows all the content that has no place in the feed, because it is not so aesthetic. Photos and videos of your daily activity, photos of homes, promotional videos, the make-off of a photographic report to a home, etc. Be original and use apps like StoryLuxe or Mojo to give a fresh and fun touch to your stories.

IGTV. Use it to upload videos longer than 1 minute. You can adapt your videos to the vertical format of IGTV and take advantage of this channel to reach a wider audience that does not know you yet.

LinkedIn for real estate

LinkedIn is a professional network in which you have to be yes or yes as a professional in the real estate sector to interact with other professionals in the same sector and others related to yours, since, for example, it is very likely that if you need to offer a Good financing for your buyer clients Find financial professionals with whom you can collaborate on LinkedIn, or if you are going to sell a home that some siblings have inherited, you need the advice of a lawyer specialized in managing inheritances.

Linkedin for companies: resources and tips for an effective online strategy

Your employees will be the best ambassadors of your brand, but for this you must not be afraid that they use social networks every day as one more tool of their work.

Share and comment on real estate news on LinkedIn, follow your partners, share interesting articles from your real estate blog on housing, economic or legal issues, etc. These are some examples of what you can do to position yourself as benchmarks and experts within your sector.

YouTube for real estate

In addition, if you work YouTube in a correct way, it is very possible that Google will show your videos in the first search positions for your favorite keywords, since video content is rewarded, being the option chosen by the user.

Twitter for real estate

This social network is more sectoral, and in the case of real estate it is difficult to achieve high interaction. If you have limited time, you can do without having a presence in it, but if you decide to work on it, I encourage you to share your blog articles or news from the sector, current affairs, economics and finance, and real estate portals.

Google My Business for real estate

You have to work this social network for your local positioning immediately if you are not already doing it.

In addition, you will be able to know when customers connect with your company and in what way they interact with your company profile, obtaining valuable information.

Email marketing for real estate

Email is one of the most powerful sales tools we have in real estate marketing, but I think we are not using it well.

People like to read stories, so do a wasteful narrative exercise and tell your audience the history of that house, think of a title that attracts, that invites reading, that arouses curiosity. And then continue with the enigmatic story of that unique property that you sell in the center of your town and that everyone wants to know.

Access the free guide 'Introduction to email marketing to successfully execute and measure your campaigns'

You can also share part of the content that you generate in your marketing actions: an excerpt from your real estate blog articles, your video-pills, your podcast, your advice guides, etc.

Take advantage of these emails to ask your clients for recommendations and I am sure you will get a response.


After all these recommendations, keep in mind that for them to work you must surround yourself with professionals, both inside and outside your company.

You must have people on your team who have digital skills and who want to work on all the aspects that we have seen. And whether they have them or not, your job will be to train and encourage them so that they feel supported and are participants in all these actions that we have seen.

Don't forget to encourage your business advisers to work on their personal brand and their own social networks under the protective wing of the company. In this way you will be able to work your employer branding very well, and that says a lot about your company.

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